Poly Platforms Poly Trailer

Poly Platforms Poly Trailer
Poly Platforms Poly Trailer

The latest iteration in our ongoing development of rugged, agile and cost effective solar-powered wireless surveillance solutions. Initially developed for deployments within the mining industry but now available across all sectors 

Poly Platforms Poly Trailer solutions: a wireless Camera trailer with non-corrodible plastic chassis that challenges the norm.

While the chassis is constructed from 100% strong HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) , there are still some small elements of steel, for example, specially designed pieces that support the running gear. These metal parts are all Hot Gal dipped and easily replaceable as spare parts to ensure years of trouble-free use and extremely high trailer availability, even in the harshest environments.

Poly Platforms Poly Trailer uses 2 or 4 180 Watt 24 Volt Flexible Solar Panels that are made from SunPower Maxeon cells, that are highly durable & don’t break or crake like a conventional glass panel. The trailers also utilise 4, 6 or 8 12v 200 amp hour deep cycle gel batteries, extending operational facility in all environments, along with an Italian pneumatic mast (see attached documents for further specs). Trailer dimensions are just 1.6m x 2.2m.

All Poly Platforms trailers utilise best quality components to ensure performance - customisation and full details are available upon enquiry. Trailers are available for sale, or ready for hire custom configurations are also available.

As usual, many of these unique design features have been incorporated due to feedback and experience from users of mobile solutions in the mining industry.

Poly Platforms Poly Trailer Features:

  • 180 kg engineer designed frame and cabinets
  • 4 x stabilisers with 300mm round HDPE feet
  • 1 x Jockey wheel
  • 1 x 5.6m Pnuematic mast capable of a 15 to 50kg payload
  • Land cruiser tyres/wheels 6 stud
  • 2 or 2 flexible SunPower Cell 180W @ 24 volts per panels
  • Housed down the centre of the base are 4 to 8 x 200Ah deep cycle gel batteries totalling up to 80Ah @ 24V (1600Ah @ 12V) 
  • A compartment either side of the batterieshouses 2 pull out instrument panels that are built into the structure & loackable
  • 16" Land Cruiser wheels
  • HDPE mud guards are welded to the frame
  • 2 x wheel chocks
  • 2 x circuit breakers and lockout switches isolating power for maintenance
  • 1 x pentile tow ring 
  • Welded poly frame around the solar panels for security 
  • Safety reflective tape

Poly Platforms Poly Trailers can be quickly prepared for relocation by a single person. Note that for short distance relocation, mast and payload can be left in position with mast down (speed of movement versus terrain and height clearance considered).

Depending on the location of deployment, circumstances will govern the level of security required for the solar panels. If vandalism is an issue, Poly Platforms are happy to work with your concerns & come up with an adaquate solution.


Sungel Battery data
File size 3.65 MB

Fireco Mast Specification
File size 858.60 kB
Customisable Solutions

These trailers are fully customisable for vision and wireless communication applications that come with a wide variety of options and have the ability to store up to 400Ah at 24 volts of power.


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