Poly Platforms Poly Trailer

Poly Platforms Poly Trailers are all fully customisable for vision and wireless communication applications that come with a wide variety of options and have the ability to store up to 400Ah at 24 volts of power. Two types of solar panels are available, the traditional glass as well as special custom made flexible panels that can withstand harsher environmental conditions and use. A range of masts for different payloads including a 5.6m pneumatic or poly carbonate for lighter wireless applications. 

When close-up vision is required across vast distances we have two models: an 8MP and a 2MP Pan/Tilt/Zoom camera with up to 36x optical zoom and 20x digital with built in 150m and 200m IR LEDS. These cameras surpass everything else on the market for this application.

The base of the trailers is the same so if you want to upgrade all that is required are spare parts, i.e batteries, stabilisers, mast, camera or solar panels.

Please contact us for your own custom configuration and further details.